Johannesburg, 20 November 2023: Developed in South Africa and
dermatologically formulated with pure botanical ingredients from the African
continent, the Strong & Beautiful range of products for textured and natural
hair has formally begun its international roll out.

An intensive 4-year period of research and testing in the Africa market,
culminated in the awarding of the international toxicology certification from
the European Union accreditation laboratory in the UK, ensuring that Strong
and Beautiful complies with international standards in product safety.
Dermatological assessment included skin and eye irritation, dermal
sensitization and photo allergenicity were concluded which are the foundations
of this professional luxury botanical hair care line.

Strong & Beautiful is directed by Wayne La Grange, Terence Fillies and Bongani
Mabunda. La Grange, CEO of Blue Sky Distribution International draws his
expertise from decades of experience in the international beauty sector,
supported by Mabunda an acknowledged international specialist in Afro-
specific hair care and product development. Fillies brings over 30 years of ISO
GMP accredited cosmetic manufacturing expertise to the partnership and is the current supplier to
many of South Africa’s leading FMCG groups.

Says La Grange: “Strong & Beautiful was created in a collaboration of our
dermatology and trichology team, focussing on supporting healthy scalps and
strong hair using the latest knowledge in botanical, hair loving ingredients. To
that end, we have intelligently addressed skin and hair conditions in one Africa

centric offering with a pipeline of new product line extension launches well
into 2027.

“After 2 years of consumer market studies and product development, the range
entered a professional testing phase to review the product’s performance over a
further 2 year period. We perfected the formulations during this time based on
direct feedback from South Africa’s leading opinion leaders in professional
hairdressing. In the process, we generated over 100 comparative heads of hair
and tested the product range against all other local and imported hair brands.

“As part of the extensive development process, our research analysts conducted surveys
with hundreds of consumers and hairdressers as to what it is they want, and
don’t want in hair products. This informed an exhaustive search for identifying
the best natural, botanical ingredients from Africa to solve these problems.”
Of paramount importance to the Strong & Beautiful executive team was not
only ensuring the performance of products, but also the safety thereof.
Consequently, the EU regulator for toxicology deemed the range
dermatologically safe for all scalps, including the most sensitive, and those of
children. Strong & Beautiful is paraben-free, fully recyclable and proudly
manufactured in South Africa to the highest international standards.

Fillies says: “The range is undeniably technologically superior and we were
delighted by the professional test results confirming the strength as well as
aesthetic of the hair post usage, hence the brand name, Strong & Beautiful.”

He makes the point that this range is not just for consumers with textured or

natural Afro hair – it can equally be used on Caucasian and Asian hair and is
also suitable for wigs.
The African Crown
La Grange continues: “In my opinion, women of colour have hitherto not been
adequately respected in terms of the manufacture of their hair and skin care
products. Our goal was to create a line “Worthy of the African Crown”.
Furthermore, in addition to their efficacy and safety, the products have an amazing fragrance. In
fact, our salon guests have specifically mentioned how surprisingly
refreshing the fragrances are and about the luxurious cosmetic feel on the hair
which create an “awakening of the senses”. And, because the product is
manufactured locally, our pricing is internationally attractive to consumers and
‘Medicinal’ plant-based ingredients
The Strong & Beautiful team painstakingly identified the best ‘medicinal’ plant-
based ingredients from African botany that are known to heal and repair both
hair and skin and that include anti-bacterial properties. All commonly known
skin and hair conditions – such as sensitive scalps, hair breakage and traction
alopecia for instance – were considered.

Star ingredients found in the range include: vitamins E and A; keratin,
hydrolysed collagen, tree camphor; Moringa, avocado, sweet almond,
peppermint, olive, jojoba, baobab, coconut and Argan oils; tea tree, shea
butter, and aloe vera, amongst many others that create a real anti-aging
product line for botanical hair care enthusiasts.
The range
Included in the Strong & Beautiful range are the Camphor Shampoo and
Conditioner; Braid Spray; Hair Food; Hair Relaxer; Neutraliser Shampoo; Leave-

in Treatment; Oil Moisturiser Lotion; Oil Sheen Spray; and star seller Wrap Set Mousse.

The brand’s Braid Spray and Wrap Sett Mousse are really unique in the market.
As La Grange explains: “Braided styling results in tension problems that can
lead to traction alopecia and receding hairlines, so there is a dire need to
protect both scalp and hair. Our Braid Spray uses a cocktail of ingredients
never seen in hair care before to achieve this. The Mousse is a sure star
product with built in heat protection, advanced moisturising vitamins and
hydrolysed collagen to strengthen and gently care for fragile hair.”

Strong & Beautiful’s hair care maintenance line is available at the finest hair
salons, online at and leading retailers.

Professional Hair Relaxer / Treatment Packs are available to hairdressing
professionals only.

For a professional in-salon training and product demonstration email
Facebook: @strongandbeautifulcosmetics
Instagram: @strongandbeautiful_official
TikTok: @strong.and.beauti
This press release was issued by Strong and Beautiful Pty Ltd.